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As a tenant in a house or apartment you require insurance. Our brokers will talk to you and determine what type of policy will best suit your needs.


“I don’t need an insurance policy. My contents aren’t that valuable.” This is a misconception we hear coming from tenants all the time. Contrary to belief, tenants do have a need for a Tenants Package. This policy covers those contents for replacement cost. For example, if you have a working stove that is ten years old and it is destroyed in a fire or by lightning, your policy will replace it with a new stove, minus the deductible. However, the most important section in the Tenants Package is the liability section. It covers you if someone is hurt in your home or apartment – often known as slip-and-fall claims. Tenants Legal Liability covers fire, smoke, and water damage to your home or apartment that you might be responsible for. Examples can include leaving a pot on the stove, causing fire or smoke damage, or forgetting to turn the bath faucet off, causing water damage to the home. Your landlord’s insurance company will generally want you to pay for that damage, but a Tenants Package policy will respond on your behalf.

If you consider a Tenants Package, our brokers would be more than happy to discuss your options, coverage, and premiums. Please call us for more information.

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There are so many factors to owning a condo such as condo fees, associations & maintenance that add to the overwhelming nature of owning one but insurance doesn't have to contribute it that. Our brokers will get to know you and determine what type of policy will best suit your needs for a less stressful process start to finish.

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