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Finnegan Insurance Brokers strives to make your claims process as simple as possible. Here are a few steps to take following an emergency or accident to make sure you provide the most accurate claim:

  • Step 1: Verify that everyone is safe. Check for injuries, and dial 911 when in doubt.

  • Step 2: Do not discuss the incident with other parties. Limit your discussion of the incident to the police and your insurance agent. Do not admit fault.

  • Step 3: Write down contact information for all parties involved. Include names, phone numbers and insurance information. In addition to contact information, write down details about the incident. 

  • Step 4: If your phone has a built-in camera, take pictures to preserve the scene for later review.

You should never admit fault in a collision or liability situation – the adjusters will determine who was to blame.

Call our office to request a claim at 613‑267‑3788 during office hours. For after-hours emergency claims, call 800‑722‑9556.

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